Embracing Asia

The SWA Values include respect for family, self, elders and education. They also promote the importance of understanding the role of the group and creating balance between individual and community needs, together with tolerance, independence and consensus.

The SWA Personal Qualities include many that are highly regarded in Asian cultures and around the world, such as caring, responsibility, honesty, integrity, commitment and diligence.

SWA takes full advantage of the rich learning resources that Indonesia and the region provide, embracing Asia as a platform for learning. Incorporating the local environment as a context for learning throughout the programs, helps create meaningful and relevant learning experiences for students. Field trips and guest speakers bring life to inquiry, problem solving and community service.

The extracurricular program also takes advantage of Asia, providing further opportunities for exploring and developing expertise in cultural activities such as Calligraphy, Wu Shu, Chinese Instruments, Gamelan and Lion Dance.

SWA places an emphasis on students being multi-lingual with an emphasis on Chinese Mandarin as a world language and recognizing China’s emergence as a key economic power. Study trips including language and cultural emersion are planned for Middle School and High School students. The Chinese Culture Center in the Zheng He building provides further opportunities for learning.

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