The SWA Library complex comprises two libraries - the Elementary School Library and the Middle School/High School Library which are uniquely connected by an overhead skybridge in the Arts Center. The libraries offer an extensive collection of resources including books, posters, videos, DVD’s and magazines to support the information and recreational reading needs of the SWA community and provide the resources to support the development of information and digital literacy.

The six guiding principles of the Libraries are:

• Information Literacy - to develop students’ skills in finding and using information independently
• Reading - to develop confidence and enjoyment of literature

• Access - to access information within and beyond the school

• Service - to ensure that library users are supported and welcome
• Information Resources - to provide a wide variety of information resources including extensive use of ICT

• Environment - to offer a stimulating and comfortable environment for the SWA community to share

In keeping with SWA’s belief that the library is central to the development of information literacy in a variety of media, the libraries also house computers, i-pods and digital equipment, all of which are available to enrich teaching and learning opportunities. Collections include media in Indonesian and Chinese as well. Parents are welcome to use the library center.

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