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Student Achievements

Distinguished Honorable Mention Award in the 2020 Bow Seat Ocean Awareness Contest Music Category.

Distinguished Honorable Mention Award in the 2020 Bow Seat Ocean Awareness Contest Music Category.

Congratulations to Gabriel, Ashley, Jordan, Matthew, and Aidan for winning the Distinguished Honorable Mention Award in the 2020 Bow Seat Ocean Awareness Contest Music Category!

The group beautifully composed a song about the ocean titled "Hidden Life" to increase awareness about coral bleaching and marine life. Their impressive submission stood out from the more than 5,300 entries from around the world.

The Group's Reflection:

"Our group’s performance goal and purpose was to raise awareness of a very important subject. The subject we chose to focus on was coral bleaching and marine life. We wanted to raise awareness of the fact that coral reefs are being destroyed all over the world, and how marine life is affected by it. We also wanted to express how we can still have hope and work together to save the corals. According to the National Ocean Service, when corals are stressed by changes in conditions, such as temperature, light, or nutrients, they expel the symbiotic algae living in their tissues, causing them to turn completely white. We used this in our lyrics because we thought this fact was very interesting and that it could symbolise lifelessness and dullness.

Through this song, we wanted to express the fact that if we have hope. There is still a chance that we can restore the coral reefs and keep the marine life safe. We described the ocean as a lively and beautiful place that is full of mystery. However, that changed when humans started polluting the ocean and when the climate started to become hotter. We used slow pop music. It has some qualities of pop music, in that the song is easy to remember and has a catchy rhythm. We wanted to express that even though something feels impossible and irreversible, it can still be solved with determination and collaboration."

Watch "Hidden Life" Music Video on Youtube:

Ashley: singer, song Writer

Aidan: drummer, song composer

Gabe: guitarist, song composer Matthew: pianist, song composer

Jordan: video editor

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Recent events have sparked yet another remarkable achievement by David Shane Goh (Grade 10) as the winner of the Math Olympiad Provincial level. The Online Math competition Provincial level was organised by the Education Department Pusat Prestasi Nasional (Puspresnas) Kementerian Pendidikan dan Kebudayaan (Kemendikbud) on August 11th, 2020.

A total of 13,819 first-class students from all provinces in Indonesia joined this “first online Kompetisi Sains Nasional competition (OSN)”. There were 7-10 winners from each subject, selected to compete in the National level in October 2020. We are very proud of him, knowing that he has competed with high school seniors and yet he was selected as one of the 7 winners to join the national competition.

Congratulations to David Goh for his splendid achievement! We wish him success in the National Competition.

National Pride: 3 SWA Students Won International Grant Worth up to $30,000

National Pride: 3 SWA Students Won International Grant Worth up to $30,000

Not just one, but three students from Sinarmas World Academy (SWA) being chosen to be awarded the International Baccalaureate’s (IB) Middle Years Programme (MYP) Student Innovator Award! Only a handful of 33 students were selected from across IB schools in 13 countries and the winners are eligible to receive grant funds of more than $145,000 combined. Four Indonesian students won the award, and three of them are SWA students: Rania, Chris and Leon. Their projects were selected after a competitive two-stage application and review process and are required to exercise advocacy for authenticity, social impact, and personal connection towards the initiative. Each winner is entitled for a funding of up to $10,000 to support project financial needs and ensure project success.

"Winning this award is a national pride. We are proud of Rania, Chris and Leon, for their hard work and commitment in doing these projects and for winning the award. Their projects not only demonstrate intelligence and knowledge but also character and values in the initiative to solve real world problems. These projects show empathy and a strong desire to have a positive impact on the world around them. As a school, we are responsible to not only enrich knowledge, but equally important to foster positive character through a solid learning environment." said Deddy Djaja Ria as General Manager of the SWA.

Rania’s project, “A New Life for Plastic” involves eliminating plastic waste through the conversion of the plastic into biodegradable/edible substances. Her passion in reducing plastic waste led her to her project of plastic degradation that involves the use of fungi in converting the polymers to biodegradable breakdown products that can be used in agriculture or even as an edible food source to support world food demand. "My project focuses on the degradation of plastics, bags for example are common environmental pollutants, by utilizing the fungal breakdown mechanisms which convert the polymers into small organic compounds, which can be absorbed and assimilated by the fungi. I will explore the different conditions and their effectiveness in breakdown in order to take one step closer to eliminating plastic waste." explain Rania.

Similar to Rania, Chris has a growing concern for the environment well being and the problems caused by the ever growing number of plastic waste and exploitation of non-renewable energy. Through his project, “Plastic Fuelled Microbial Fuel Cell”, he involves the combination of two elements: bacterial-mediated plastic degradation and bacterial-fuelled biological fuel cells. He combined these ideas to produce a plan for using waste plastic as a fuel source for electricity generation. “In most rural areas, electricity is not very accessible and, at the same time, plastic- especially plastic waste- is very common. My project addresses the need to provide rural areas with a sustainable source of clean energy, while reducing environmental plastic waste that is present in these areas." added Chris.

Unlike Rania and Chris, their fellow winners of MYP Innovator's Grant, Leon focuses his project in the preservation of Indonesian culture, Javanese culture. As the world flattens, globalization and modernization rises, overshadowing many ancestral cultures and leading them to their graves. Leon refused to forget his Javanese culture, and through his project, “SIJI” an iOS application for Javanese transcript learning. "My goal is to develop a major part of Javanese culture- the vanishing Javanese writing systems- by helping to make it accessible to everyone and support its use in everyday life. My app enables all people, including non-Javanese, located in any part of the world to learn Javanese language and script, opening a door that has been closed previously.” Said Leon.

Deddy hopes Rania, Chirs and Leon's achievements will inspire and motivate other Indonesia students to study more and create more innovations. "Our Indonesian students have tremendous potential. With the proper and consistent guidance, education and positive learning environment, we are able to do breakthroughs and innovations. Indonesia will be able to contribute to solving world problems and push humanity even forward" he added.

Howard Sulisthio Accepted In 4 Russel Group Universities

Howard Sulisthio Accepted In 4 Russel Group Universities

Congratulations to Howard who got into 4 Russell Group Universities! Howard was accepted into University College London (ranked #8 in the world), Imperial College (ranked #9 in the world), University of Edinburgh, and King's College. He was also accepted to Tsinghua University, the University of Saint Andrews, New York University, and the Georgia Institute of Technology. Another notable achievement is that he was offered a full scholarship to attend the New York University Abu Dhabi program, representing a total of 304,000 dollars in four years! We are extremely proud of you!

Sinarmas World Academy

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Eriq Ihsan Moeloek Accepted in Top 10 Universities in the World

Eriq Ihsan Moeloek Accepted in Top 10 Universities in the World

Congratulations to Eriq Ihsan Moeloek for getting into world top 10 universities in all of the countries he applied to:

- Indonesia: the University of Indonesia

- Korea: Yonsei University

- Canada: University of Toronto

- UK: University of Edinburgh and the University of Manchester.

Eriq was recruited by the University of Indonesia through its Talent Scouting programme based on his superior academic achievement.

Best wishes for your next adventure. May all your dreams come true!

Sinarmas World Academy

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