Student Achievements



Distinctions (A or A*)

Congratulations to last year’s Grade 10 students on their International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) examinations performance last year. Results are in and we are extremely proud to announce several students have broken the SWA record for number of Grade 10 IGCSE Distinctions (A or A*). These top performers include Shrinandhan Prabu, awarded with 9 Distinctions, and Vanessa Lunardi and Michelle Sutono each with 8 Distinctions. On average, overall subject distinction rates for this cohort were 31%. Student distinction rates averaged 40%, meaning most achieved distinctions on almost half of the subjects they sat examinations for.

This is SWA’s second cohort of students to sit for the IGCSEexaminations and they have continued to improve in breaking records in other ways as well. The cohort’s International Certificate of Education (ICE) Distinction rates represent a 100% increase compared to last year’s and this year a full 100% of students registering for the ICE were awarded the certificate at the Distinction level. Distinction Level is the highest level of distinction and is achieved by obtaining scores in 5 or more subjects of A or A* and grades of C or higher in the remaining two subjects. The International Certificate of Education requires students to complete two language courses, one mathematics course, a social science course, a science course, a creative & vocational course and a seventh additional course in one of these areas.

At SWA we require students to register for eight IGCSE courses as a way to prepare them for the two year summative examinations they will face in the Diploma Programme in Grade 12. While IGCSE examination scores are not required for university applications, they can play an important role in scholarship awards and also as evidence of consistent academic achievement over a student’s high school career.

Taking the IGCSE examinations at the end of Grade 10 helps build confidence in examination sitting and also develop positive student attitudes towards examination challenges.

Congratulations again to our 2017 IGCSE cohort for continuing SWA’s tradition of academic excellence!

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