Student Achievements

Indonesian Robotic Olympiad (2017)

Indonesian Robotic Olympiad (2017)

6th Place

Whizzing around a game table collecting non-white cubes while beaming infrared light, the Baryon Hadron robot collects and transports miniature solar panels and trees — and scores — winning 6th place at this year’s Indonesian Robotic Olympiad (2017)! By virtue of their brilliant performance at the keenly contested competition, which tasked their creative intellect, the team consisted of Shrinandhan Prabu (G11), Daniel Sawai (G9) and Ayden Haoken (G5) and will represent Indonesia at the World Robot Olympiad scheduled for Costa Rica on November 2017.

The theme of this year’s robotic competition is: “Robots for Sustainability”. The mission of the robot is to bring the carbon footprint of one company to zero. The carbon footprint of a company is the amount of carbon dioxide emitted by the industrial processes of the company. The robot must install solar panels and plant the right kind of trees in the different planting areas to counterbalance the emissions of the company. A breadbox-sized sprinter bot, analysing and sorting, from the team called ‘Baryon Hadron‘ were up against 40 teams from Indonesia in the ‘Carbon Neutrality’ category of the Indonesian Robotic Olympiad (IRO) held on 25 – 26 August 2017 in the Trans Luxury Hotel, Bandung. The judges, seeing how difficult the algorithm needed for the students to accomplish the mission agreed to do a 3rd run in which 10 teams advanced in the finals while 30 teams were eliminated. Most of the robots during the elimination round missed the mission points, yet one exceptional robot of Baryon Hadron from the SWA Robotics Team perfectly collected the colourful cubes, smoothly followed the black line and sorted the solar panels and trees in each area and emerged as the 6th placer.

The most rewarding part of designing robots is that students naturally learn, value teamwork and enjoy the once in a lifetime experience.

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