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World Robot Olympiad 2021 Winners

World Robot Olympiad 2021 Winners

Congratulations to the SWA Robotics team members: Yu Ju (Grade 9), Ayden (Grade 9), and Gisela (Grade 10) to be the 3rd Winner in The World Robot Olympiad (WRO) Open Category 2021.

In this year's event, with this year’s theme PowerBots – The Future of Energy, the participants were challenged to develop a robot or robot model that can help solve challenges that arise from using renewable energy. Judges looked for innovative solutions that questioned assumptions in a true “double-loop thinking” approach.

The SWA Robotics team launched Sun Droid 10 months ago. The Sun Droid is divided into 3 main sections: the first part of the system is a solar tracker which tracks the course of the sun and produces energy accordingly. The second part of the system is the hybrid battery system which is used for energy input and output. The third part of the system is to create a sliding wireless transmission system to charge electric cars in parking lots.

With solar technology growing exponentially more efficient, it is simply a matter of time before industrial-grade solar trackers make their far-reaching step into the renewable energy industry, lessening carbon emissions and improving the global climate situation. Moreover, the unlimited growth capabilities that wireless technology has boasted over the course of recent years simply is evidence that we are shifting away from an era of diesel fuel, towards electric-powered cars.

Once again, congratulations to Yu Ju, Ayden, and Gisela for the outstanding achievement. Keep it up and keep innovating!

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