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University Guidance

University Guidance

 Welcome to the University Guidance Counseling (UGC) Office at Sinarmas World Academy!

The UGC office at SWA provides a welcoming and supportive environment for students, providing several resources and services to help students succeed at our school and wherever they may go afterwards.  

The services provided by the office range from career advising and university guidance to course placement and academic advising. Whether it´s searching for internship opportunities, seeing what standardised test to take, deciding what to do over the summer, selecting extra-curricular activities or applying to the UGC office is there to help and support our students.

Contact the University Guidance Office:
University Guidance Counselor: Mr. Stanislav K. Sousek
Are you a university or post-secondary institution interested in Visiting us?
If you are, please send the University Guidance Counselor, Mr. Stan Sousek an email using the contact details above.

Academic Advising

The UGC provides information, advice, and assistance in making academic and career decisions starting in grade 9 and continuing until graduation.

The UGC helps students develop an educational plan, assess their progress as they continue their studies, and keep on track to achieving their post-secondary goals. A key part of this process is advising the student on the best IGCSE and IB DP course choices for his/her target university major. Students also get help exploring their interests and career possible careers.

College (University) Counseling

Students are given personalised advice and guidance in their application process to universities around the world. SWA students continue their studies in many different countries, and the UGC office is prepared to help them wherever they may go.  SWA students’ top destinations include: the U.S., Canada, U.K, Australia, Korea, Singapore, and Hong Kong. Services include information about college/university admissions processes, guidance in the application process itself, and discovering the right fit all the way to student visa requirements and credit transfers.

Career Counseling

Students are provided with practical information and guidance regarding career options. This service assists students to explore careers and learn job-seeking and other employability skills, including resume and cover letter preparation and job interview coaching. SWA also helps students obtain internships in order to immerse themselves in real-world career options.

Choosing the correct major and career is very important, so all students should schedule a meeting with the UGC  as early as possible and then meet as often as is required.

Before you make a decision on a major or career, you need to know what your interests, abilities, and strengths are. The UGC office has several different assessments that can help you with your search.


Most universities around the world require some form of standardised testing in addition to a student’s grades. The tests required are usually an aptitude test and a language test.  

The SAT and ACT are aptitude tests which measure a student’s aptitude in different areas (Reading, Writing, Math and Science for the ACT). These two are required by most US Universities. The SAT is also accepted by universities in Canada, Hong Kong, Singapore, South Korea, the UK, Australia, and many other countries as an optional or additional credential that may be presented in support of the candidate’s application. Sinarmas World Academy is an SAT Test Centre, enabling our students to be able to take the test on campus.

The TOEFL and IELTS are English language tests that measure a student’s level of proficiency in reading, listening, speaking and writing. These tests are required for any programme in English, especially the US, Canada, UK, Australia, Hong Kong and Singapore.

Additional tests may be required for specific countries, such as the TestAS for Germany, the UKCAT and BMAT for the UK, I-SAT for Australia, and other, but these can be addressed on an individual basis.

Standardised tests should be taken in the second semester of grade 11 and first semester of grade 12. Please contact the University Guidance Counselor, Mr. Stan Sousek, for any questions regarding which tests to take and when to take them.

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