1.Where is SWA LOCATED?

The campus is located in BSD, South Tangerang.

2.What are SWA's CORE VALUES?

SWA's vision is to shape the future as a dynamic learning community that embraces Asia and engages globally. We live this vision by keeping our mission at the center of all we do, striving to build students with strong, sound characters that strive for excellence and develop a mindset of empathy, grit and growth.

As a core responsibility of education, SWA seeks to instill fundamentally important values in students including a balanced perspective on life through the development of a sound body and mind, an optimistic attitude towards challenges, a propensity for life-long learning as the key to success, and a strong sense of social responsibility fostered through the core values of love, respect, inclusiveness, appreciation and collaboration which are all embedded in the intersecting cultures of school, family, and society.

3.What CURRICULUM does SWA offer?

SWA is accredited to offer a variety of internationally recognized curriculum programs and has also developed several of its own innovative curriculum programs. Our approach puts learning and student growth at the centre of all decisions.

Early YearsEarly Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) - from UK
Elementary SchoolCambridge Primary Program + Peking University Chinese Curriculum
Middle SchoolInternational Baccalaureate (IB) Middle Years Program (MYP) curriculum + Cambridge Secondary 1 and Cambridge IGCSE Syllabus
High SchoolInternational Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Program

4.What LANGUAGES do students learn and use at SWA?

SWA's mother tongue and language acquisition foundations include a diverse range of languages reflective of our international student and teacher body. While English is the primary language of instruction, Indonesian, Chinese, Korean and Spanish are all supported as well at language and literature as well as language acquisition levels.

5.How accomplished and educated are SWA TEACHERS?

SWA educators are selected with the highest standards in mind. Research has shown that- more than any factor- the quality of teachers who will be interacting with students on a daily basis has the biggest impact on student learning. With this in mind, we look for only the most passionate, experienced and highly skilled teachers that have demonstrated their ability to support learning through skill in pedagogy and subject knowledge. The rigorous selection process includes detailed and careful background checks and all teachers must meet the requirement for full teaching certification from their home country as well as a minimum of five years teaching experience after gaining certification.

6.How DIVERSE is the SWA learning community?

SWA embraces an international-mindset and takes pride in its multicultural student, family and teacher community with more than 70% of SWA educators hailing from outside Indonesia and 40% of SWA students representing more than 16 different nations worldwide.

SWA is committed to multiculturalism and embraces a pluralistic international community mindset that celebrates all religions and embraces cultural and national diversities with equal respect and joy.

7.What GRADE-LEVELS does SWA offer?

SWA BSD offers classes starting from toddler-level of 1 year old all the way through to High School Grade 12.

In addition, SWA's Baby Nest Club provides day-care for the public and supports early learning.

8.What FACILITIES support learning and development at SWA?

We believe in the importance of supporting learning through experiential and project-based opportunities and SWA's school design and facilities support a wide range of subject-based, core and innovative activities. SWA's facilities are world-renowned and include a 5.5 hectare school campus where teachers and students are able to create and develop innovative project-based and real-world solutions that extend classroom learning through the use of state of the art technology and facilities. Wireless mobile technology provides flexibility in incorporating information, communication and technology skills as a core literacy and an integral tool in learning, creativity and communicating reflective of the demands to prepare students to effectively navigate the information landscape of the world today.

Whole School
  • Swimming Pool
  • Peace Park
  • Theatre
  • Cafetaria
  • Amphitheater
  • Fitness Center
  • Food Technology Room
  • Soccer Field
  • Music Studio
  • Dance Studio
  • Art Studio
  • Chinese Culture Center
Early-Years & Elementary School
  • Science Lab
  • Playground
  • Early Years - Elementary School Gymnasium
  • Early Years - Elementary Library
Middle School & High School
  • Physics Lab
  • Computer Lab
  • Robotic Lab
  • Middle School High School Gymnasium
  • Middle School High School Library
  • Chemistry Lab
  • Biology Lab
  • Wood and Metal Workshop

9.How does SWA support a culture of effective communication with parents?

SWA believes in the importance of home - school communication. SWA has a vibrant Parents' Association consisting of supportive parents, and parents are regularly invited to join school activities and events including assemblies, student performances, competitions and exhibitions.

In the Early Years and Elementary Schools, principals communicate weekly reports to parents including updates on learning and progress and advice to help enable parents to effectively support student learning further.

In Middle School and High School, parents, teachers and students use Managebac as the primary online digital communication and information sharing tool to review modules of learning, monitor learning progress and for important announcements. Parents engage in regular personal and social development focus and academic counselling sessions to assist and support children from Middle School all the way up into the university application process.

SWA Infobytes are regular digital school communications published every two weeks to ensure access and sharing of important information among all members of the SWA community.

10.How is learning supported through extracurricular activities at SWA?

Students benefit from opportunities to extend learning outside the classroom by engaging in a diverse range of academic, athletic and service-based extracurricular activities. SWA offers five different extracurricular after school activity options each day and encourages students to choose a wide range of activities to help them explore their interests and discover their passions. In total, more than 40 different extracurricular activities are available for students to choose from, ranging from choir to ultimate frisbee, and from all subject groups including the arts, athletics, science, technology, mathematics, language, music, and service-based learning.

11.What makes SWA different from other international schools?

SWA has developed a trademarked approach to planning and implementing a comprehensive and data-driven education roadmap that enables students from all ages to realise their university and professional goals. The program begins the moment students enroll and is based on careful tracking and data-driven decision making with foundational competencies key to developing leadership at its heart. SWA's core program holds that all students have the capacity to develop into capable, independent, socially responsible leaders and that data must be used to provide the best differentiated learning experience to reach this end, given unique student abilities and goals.Through age-appropriate holistic learning in the SWA Early Years program, children are nurtured physically, emotionally, socially and intellectually, setting a solid foundation to be confident, smart, creative, independent, and compassionate individuals.

Elementary School students develop through a strong academic program with a huge variety of intra-school programs; including sports, science, engineering, ICT, robotics and dance, which are offered as after school programs. Diversity in activities is present to help students realise their full potential and instill a passion for learning.

We treat each student as an individual and starting in Middle School, students are counselled, personally, to engage in critical first steps towards mapping out support measures that will help ensure success in the future. SWA University Guidance, Counsellors and teachers all play a role in the process that puts student support at the centre of all we do. The IB Middle Years Programme framework incorporates Cambridge syllabus content and students are empowered to be purposeful and confident learners.

SWA offers a comprehensive IB Diploma program for Grades 11 and 12; with excellent results always above the world average and including perfect IBDP scores of 45/45. We are proud to have numerous graduates receive scholarships from world-wide top universities, including Ivy Leagues schools, and even prouder to have all graduates embarking upon their journey as agents of change, as global citizens, and as future leaders.

12.Is there a specific enrollment period for entrance?

We accommodate admission requests at any time and understand that needs may differ, especially due to variation in academic calendars of different countries. However, we do encourage you to start admission as soon as you can to secure seats for your child(ren). EARLY BIRD PROMOTIONS are available for early birds admission decisions.

13.How do I enroll my child at SWA?

You can directly contact SWA admissions office through Whatsapp +62 889-7308-8773 or email us at

14.Does SWA offer financial scholarships?

Yes we do. We offer merit-based partial and full scholarships annually for both SWA students and non-SWA students. SWA scholarships are intended to enable the pursuit of academic and professional dreams that may be difficult to achieve without our support.

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15.What are some of SWA's recent achievements?

In 2019, SWA was awarded an EduTECH Asia Award in the Best STEAM Initiative category. The EduTECH Asia Awards are biennial and international, with only the best schools, universities, and companies that use technology participating including, but not limited to Malaysia, Hong Kong, Australia, The Philippines, Singapore, India, and China. SWA is the first school in Indonesia to obtain this prestigious award.

16.What are some recent SWA student achievements?

SWA believes in the importance of character building through attending various learning experiences, competitions and activities both globally and nationally. The school facilitates the organizing of more than 20 prestigious competitions each year to give students exposure to dynamic learning platforms and world-class opportunities for learning. SWA students have continued to win numerous awards and grants nationally and internationally for both academic and non-academic achievements each and every year.

In addition to the numerous academic competitions, SWA holds an exceptional record of successful university application with the vast majority of students gaining large scholarships to support university study abroad. The core of this success is based on personalized counselling and guidance, including successful and university-requirements informed portfolios that enable SWA graduates to successfully win grants and scholarships from to universities around the world. SWA students continue to be accepted with scholarships, often full scholarships, to the world's best universities including Yale, Princeton, Imperial College, Columbia, and numerous other highly competitive universities.

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