Toddlers' endless supply of energy allows them to do a lot of things - from running, jumping to playing pretend. They start imitating self-care routines like brushing their teeth, combing their hair or getting dressed by themselves. Parents’ reactions to these actions create powerful messages about their identity. When parents show attention and affection, this gives them a message of love. These messages are the foundation of self-confidence.

Building self confidence in a toddler is a crucial aspect to their overall well-being and a major step to their social and emotional development. When toddlers have confidence in themselves, they are more likely to engage with others. With strong social skills, they are also more likely to make friends and form positive relationships which in turn boosts self-esteem.

Here are a few tips on how to build confidence for your toddler:
1. Give them age appropriate tasks. Giving your toddler a few choices on what to wear or which toys to play with will give them a sense of control and self-expression.
2. Provide opportunities for exploration. Trying new things, new kinds of food or exploring new places. Discovering a new environment is exciting as it tickles their curiosity and strengthens their confidence.
3. Shower your child plenty of praise and positive reinforcement. Appreciate them in their little successes. Toddlers thrive on praise and positive feedback. Celebrate their achievements, no matter how small, and encourage them to keep trying. This will help your child to understand that their efforts are well valued and appreciated.

The SWA toddler program maintains a supportive and safe environment to build confidence in your toddler. We encourage them to take risks and we are ready to catch them if they fall. Building confidence is an ongoing process. Here in SWA, we
are happy to partner with you in building confidence in your toddlers as they experience their first valuable moments in school.

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