Sinarmas World Academy Won in EduTECH Asia Awards

Sinarmas World Academy Won in EduTECH Asia Awards

Last September, Sinarmas World Academy (SWA) was chosen to be one of the participants at the EduTECH Asia Awards in the Best STEAM Initiatives category, and on 5 November, Sinarmas World Academy successfully won silver awards from Malaysia, Hong Kong, Australia, the Philippines, Singapore, India, and China, becoming the first school in Indonesia to obtain this prestigious award.

EduTECH Asia Awards is a biennial international competition, which selects the best schools, universities, and companies that use technology. In this competition, there were 16 categories for schools and companies and SWA won in the Best STEAM Initiative category. This award identifies schools that have developed a STEAM curriculum, and have created an interdisciplinary learning experience for students, using social support and assistance methods.

SWA was chosen as one of the winners in this event because SWA was considered to have an outstanding IB MYP Personal Project Program: conceptual teaching and learning methods that encourage students to enhance creative and critical thinking. Students are encouraged to think, analyze, and apply what they have learned. Also, due to the existence of a strong STEAM curriculum, exemplary robotics facilities exist at SWA to support students in developing projects to solve social issues. "Inquiry is a foundation of conceptual learning and it is the most important factor in teaching and learning methods," states a robotics teacher from SWA.

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