You're a Global Citizen, You Just Don't Know It Yet

You're a Global Citizen, You Just Don't Know It Yet

by Teo Nenes

About Teo

Teo Vichinheski Nenes is a veteran world traveller, who at the age of 16, has lived in, learnt, and experienced five different countries across three continents. A self-proclaimed global citizen, he is of Polish and Italian descent, was born in Brazil, moved to China at the age of five (where he lived for seven years), before moving to Malaysia (where he spent two years of his life), before living in Cairo for two years. Now he has finally found his home in Indonesia, since July 2019 (at least for the next two years)... He has been immersed in many different cultures and is what we would call a true “third culture kid.” Teo enjoys political science, biology, and studying world languages and philosophy. He loves “a good debate”, discussing global issues with his peers and teachers, and plans to study medicine after graduating from SWA in 2021.

We are all citizens of a state or country. We may come from a different place where it has different cultures and speaks different languages - that is what makes us unique and separate - but we have barriers: geographical and political.

Now imagine an idea that one's identity transcends geography or political borders; this is called global citizenship. Everyone who has access to the internet is technically a global citizen by nature. Through social media, we can connect with others in different places across the world.

Being a global citizen can make us truly united. It's time to admit that we are all global citizens, and make a civilization that will never die.

Watch Teo’s talk on TEDxYouth@SWA 2020:

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