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Aku BISA Programme

Aku BISA Programme

Stimulate your child's brain during 'stay at home studies' with SWA's online programme: "Aku BISA (Bahasa Indonesia Supplementary Activities)”.

Your child will learn about Literacy, Mathematics, and Science, through fun online-learning sessions!

For more information: Aku BISA Programme Digital Brochure

Chinese Enrichment Programme

Chinese Enrichment Programme

Learn Chinese languages from the experts. Our native Chinese teachers from Beijing provide an interactive teaching approach, communication-based activities, and an immersive online learning experience. Join us and start the online learning now!

  • Enjoy the interactive activities
  • Understand the Chinese Culture
  • Learn from expert Chinese teachers from Peking University

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September 30, 2019

Date and Time
Monday, 30 September 2019
10:00 AM to 12:00 PM


As of 2017, there were more than 26,000 Universities around the world.  Ranking institutions rank around 1,000 of them.  Finding the right university, in the right country for you can be very stressful.  One way to help find the best option for you is to go to a University fair. Sinarmas World Academy, as an International school with a solid track-record of university acceptances in hundreds of top international universities, with millions of dollars in scholarships, is organising a major university fair that is open for all Middle School & High School Students.



Monday, 30 September 2019, starting from 10:00am 



Participation will include more than 50 international universities and institutions, including *The University of Notre Dame, The University of Warwick, The University of Hong Kong, King's College London, The University of Sydney, The University of Toronto, Loyola Marymount University, Glion and Les Roches, The University of British Columbia (UBC), Monash University, Queen's University Belfast, Savannah College of Art and Design*


Learn about options in  15 different countries, including *Hong Kong, the United States, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Italy, Switzerland, Australia, Canada, Japan, The Netherlands, Germany, and Spain, New Zealand, Malaysia, Thailand*


There will be representatives of every university for personal consultation, various educational workshops for students and parents, and attractive give-aways for participants.


Attend the WORKSHOPS:

-Applications to Hong Kong by The University of Hong Kong

-Getting into Top UK Universities by Kings College

-Study and Work in Canada by EduCanada

-University Application Essays by The Ohio State University

-Creative Careers of Today by Savannah College of Art and Design

-Hospitality Management by Hong Kong Polytechnic University



"Parenting in Digital Era" Optimising and Safeguarding our Children Usage of Technology

"Parenting in Digital Era" Optimising and Safeguarding our Children Usage of Technology

September 7, 2019

Date and Time
Saturday, 7 September 2019
09:00 AM to 12:00 PM

Maystar Navapark

Mahendra Hatmoko as the Head of Education Center-Apple Certified Trainer, Alexandre N. as MSHS Co-Principal of Sinarmas World Academy with more than 25 years experience in education, and L.Lindi as the Student Counsellor of Sinarmas World Academy with more than 5 years experience in counselling children.

EARLY BIRD Price : IDR 125,000 (for registration before 20 Aug 2019)
NORMAL Price : IDR 200,000
  • BRUNCH - All you can eat MAY-STAR dim-sum
  • Various fun and educational activities are provided for children to play during the seminar.
For further questions, please contact, or
Sinarmas World Academy (021) 5316 1400 ext. 8110, or 087784130489
SWA Student Exchange Programme in SNUES

SWA Student Exchange Programme in SNUES

September 19, 2017

Date and Time
Tuesday, 19 September 2017 13:00 PM to Tuesday, 24 October 2017 13:00 PM

Seoul National University Elementary School (SNUES)

The week of September 19-24 has been a very memorable one for the 9 SWA students who participated in the student exchange programme to Seoul National University Elementary School (SNUES). Our SWA participants were very fortunate to have the opportunity to attend the different classes in SNUES, which is one of the top schools in Korea that has an acceptance rate of 24:1. Not only did the students gain new knowledge from the classes they attended but they brought home fond memories with the host families and friends from SNUES.

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