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Trial Class Pre-K

Trial Class Pre-K

August 13, 2021

Date and Time
Friday, 13 August 2021
13:30 PM to 14:15 PM

Looking for an entertaining but educational virtual class for your sweethearts?

Look no further - Join our FREE ONE DAY TRIAL CLASS for Pre-K (3-4 years old)

The little ones can grow wherever they may be because...

“It’s the teachers that make the difference, not the classroom.”

- Michael Morpurgo

Friday, 13 Aug 2022

1.30 pm - 2.15 pm

For more info contact +62889-7308-8773

Presented to you by SINARMAS WORLD ACADEMY

SWA FIT Programme - for Nursery until Kindergarten 2

SWA FIT Programme - for Nursery until Kindergarten 2

Are you worried of motor delays?

Does your child seem tight or stiff when he/she moves?

Does it bother you that your child may not be growing according to the expected milestones?

There’s no better time to get in shape and be strong than the foundation years when physical development is crucial to the child’s overall growth.

SWA Literacy Programme

SWA Literacy Programme

Your partner in building a strong foundation in English literacy skills is here. Join the SWA Literacy Programme!

The SWA Literacy Programme features JOLLY PHONICS for ages 3-6. What is it? It is a comprehensive programme that employs a child-centered and multisensory approach in teaching the 42 sounds of the alphabet, which motivates children to build words as early as possible.

The programme is open for children ages 2 - 11 years old and will start in January 2021!

We will guide and strengthen your child’s literacy skills through developmentally appropriate exercises.

Keeping Kids healthy during covid-19 pandemic

Keeping Kids healthy during covid-19 pandemic

November 23, 2020

Date and Time
Monday, 23 November 2020
15:00 PM to 16:00 PM

In the midst of online learning, how do schools (and especially sports teachers), encourage kids to stay active? Find out on our webinar collaboration between Sinarmas World Academy and Decathlon Alam Sutera!

Live on Webinar

"Berakar Lokal, Bersayap Global"

"Berakar Lokal, Bersayap Global"

November 4, 2020

Date and Time
Wednesday, 4 November 2020
16:00 PM to 17:30 PM

In this globalised era, we are pushed to think internationally and globally, but how strong is our love for Indonesian values?

Let us build future generations that have both strong local values and global competitiveness.

With Sinarmas World Academy and Periplus, we will discuss how to strengthen local identity in children, despite fast-moving globalisation.

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