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Music builds the areas of the brain. Research shows that children who are involved in music are better at reading, writing, math, language arts, spelling, vocabulary, physical coordination, and have a sharper memory. This is because music strengthens the auditory, visual/spatial, and motor cortices.

Join and discover the JOY THROUGH MUSIC. It is a fun programme for every age and area of interest. Start them young and reap the benefits of music for children.

Contact 0889 7308 8773 or for more information.

SWA FIT Programme - for Nursery until Kindergarten 2

SWA FIT Programme - for Nursery until Kindergarten 2

Are you worried of motor delays?

Does your child seem tight or stiff when he/she moves?

Does it bother you that your child may not be growing according to the expected milestones?

There’s no better time to get in shape and be strong than the foundation years when physical development is crucial to the child’s overall growth.

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