Student Council

Student CouncilSWA’s Student Council, abbreviated as STUCO, works to their full extent to achieve their yearly changing vision and mission. In October of every year, a new group of executives are selected, and consequently, the new batch of class representatives is formed.

 Junior Stuco

The Junior Student Council is a group of students from Grades 3 to 5 who are annually selected based on leadership skills, academic performance, and passion to help others. They lead projects that improve and serve the community within and outside Sinarmas World Academy.


Under a new departmental format where student council representatives have an opportunity to try various jobs and duties across event management, operations, marketing and finance. The 2017-2018 MSHS Executive and Representatives have launched new house challenges, school events, and fundraisers to raise school spirit and engage with the local community.  The STUCO will continue to be the pride of SWA and act upon the voices of the student body to ensure that their time at SWA is memorable and meaningful.

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SWA Cup 2018 – The Celestial

SWA Cup 2018 – The Celestial

November 2, 2018

SWA is proud to present to you the fourth annual SWA Cup 2018 – The Celestial. The SWA Cup will be held on 2nd - 3rd November 2018.  

Call of SWA

Call of SWA

October 1, 2018

Call of SWA is the first formal STUCO led House Challenge of the academic year which pits the houses against each other in specially designed challenges across a wide variety of academic, art, and athletic disciplines.

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